Comprehensive Eye Exams

It all begins with a comprehensive eye examination. This includes an accurate refraction to determine your glasses or contat lens prescription and examination of the health of the whole visual system.

Optomap Daytona

Think of your eyes as windows to your health. Eye Doctors are often the first to diagnose patients with a variety of conditions that affect the whole body, like diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and even tumors.

In 2016, Optix Optometry introduced the Optomap Daytona ultra-widefield camera. The Optomap retinal exam uses two scanning lasers to image nearly the entire retina without pupil dilation. We try to scan nearly every patient for a more thorough eye exam. Best of all, it's quick and painless.

Marco TRS-5100 Phoroptor

Optix Optometry added a trio of Marco TRS-5100 automated refraction systems and computerized eye charts to their office to improve prescription accuracy, exam efficiency and patient flow through the office.

Our state of the art equipment analyzes your prescription and measures the strength of your current glasses. All of this data is automatically transferred into the Marco TRS-5100 system in the exam room, allowing your Doctor to glide through the refraction process. At the end of the refraction, everything is automatically transferred into our electronic medical records software without any data entry or transcription errors.

Because of the more efficient process, our patients find they experience less guessing, eye fatigue and watering while also getting a more accurate prescription. 

Eye Infections and Injuries

We will do our best to work in any appointments for acute eye infections or injuries.

Our doctors are also on call 24 hours each day - just call our office phone number and you will be instructed on how to reach one of them.

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people between the ages of 20 to 74. Fortunately, it can be prevented. All patients with diabetes should have a thorough eye examination by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist annually.

Our doctors can monitor your ocular health for diabetic changes. If necessary, they can refer you on to a retinal specialist for treatment should you ever develop diabetic eye disease.

Cataract Management

If we all live long enough, we'll all likely develop a cataract. Although they are more common later in life, they can happen to people of any age. Family history, trauma, certain medications and ultraviolet light exposure can all contribute to the formation of cataracts.

Drs. Steve and Stacey Beck are able to evaluate your cataracts, and can also refer you on to one of several outstanding Ophthalmologists when the time comes for surgery.

Dry Eye Management

Dry eyes affect one out of every 6 people. Symptoms include burning, stinging, watering, and even blurred vision. Several newer artificial tear formulations can help, but punctal occlusion is sometimes necessary to keep the tears that your eye manages to produce on the eye longer. Older punctal plug designs worked, but could irritate the eye or simply fall out.

Second Opinions

The importance of an honest and impartial second opinion is rarely utilized.

We are more than happy to evaluate any condition of the eye and make a treatment recommendation.

Zeiss Cirrus OCT Scanning Laser

There are several diseases or disorders of the eye and/or visual system that can affect visual performance. From many different forms of glaucoma to subclinical diabetic retinal or macular diseases, all of these can be rather difficult to diagnose and monitor over time.
Optix Optometry upgraded from the original Zeiss Stratus OCT to the Zeiss Cirrus OCT in December 2010 to give our doctors the latest equipment to aid in early detection of such conditions. It's a simple test to have done and provides instant results without having to resort to more invasive procedures like fluroscein angiography.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management

Glaucoma causes a gradual loss of peripheral vision. Because it affects side vision, patients don't typically notice any problems until it's almost too late.

Annual comprehensive eye examinations can help detect glaucoma before it's too late. If diagnosed, it's usually treatable with eye drops and its progression can be monitored with our new Oculus EasyField testing machine.

The EasyField also assists our doctors in diagnosis and management of neurological disorders.

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