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Optomap Retinal Exam

The Optomap California is easily one of the coolest pieces of technology to enter the eye care field in years.

Optix Optometry first brought ultra-widefield imagining to their patients in March of 2016.

Meet the Optomap California!

The Optomap California revolutionizes the way we view the health of the retina - the delicate inside lining of the back part of your eyes. The retina is responsible for receiving the images focused onto it, much like the film of on older camera. Not only is retinal health important for vision, it is also one of the few places in the body that your eye doctor can evaluate the daily functioning of your retinal blood vessels. Your eye doctor can sometime be the first person to diagnose people with high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions.

The Optomap California ultra-widefield camera uses two scanning lasers to image up to 85% of your retina, typically without needing to dilate your eyes. It only takes a quarter of a second for the laser to aquire each image and you will notice a green flash of light that goes away very quickly.

Optix Optometry will routinely perform Optomap ultra-widefield imaging on all patients whenever possible for annual eye exams or any other eye health concerns. Of course, there may be occasions where your doctor will still elect to dilate your eyes if needed.

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Optomap Retinal Exam Advantages​

Better overall evaluation and visualization of the retina all at once.


Higher resolution visualization of the peripheral (outside) portion of the retina.

The ability to refer back to previous images in case things ever change.

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