There's more to making a great pair of glasses than simply choosing a great frame. 

We offer a variety of lens treatments and upgrades to make your glasses thinner and better looking than ever.

Superhydrophobic Antiglare Coatings

Superhydrophobic antiglare coatings on eyeglass lenses help diminish glare, enabling you to see better. The coating also reduces reflections that others see in your glasses. Other people see less of your glasses and more of you, enhancing your vision and your appearance. The Teflon Clear Coat is a hydrophobic coating, meaning that it's also easier to clean than older coating technologies.

Even better, most orders with our new coatings are completed in half the time compared to other similar brands of high performance antiglare coatings. Naturally, they include a 2-year anti-scratch warranty.

TD2 Scratch Resistant Coating

If you're considering comfortable, lightweight plastic lenses, you should know that it can be easy to scratch them - much easier than glass lenses - and you need to be careful.

Our TD2 hard coatings make your lenses six times stronger than uncoated lenses and extend the lifetime of your valuable glasses. They also come with a 2-year anti-scratch warranty.

Hi Index Superthin Lenses

Today's new ultra-lightweight 1.67 hi index and 1.74 hyper index materials offer the thinnest and lightest lenses available.

It's the perfect combination of excellent vision and exceptional appearance.

Progressive "No Line" Bifocals

Traditional bifocal lenses provide clear vision of objects in the distance and near ranges, but everything in between is blurred. The visible line is also a telltale sign to everyone that you are wearing bifocals.

Optix Optometry uses the latest freeform technology to give you the best progressive lenses available. Our lenses offer the sharpest, smoothest, most comfortable vision at all distances. Patients with motion sickness can even now wear some of our newest lens designs!

Chemistrie Custom Sun Clips

In 2013, Optix Optometry became an authorized distributer of Chemistrie custom magnetic sun clips. This technology allows you add a custom polarized sun clip to nearly any frame.


The clips match your frame shape perfectly and are extremely light weight. One magnet is embedded in each of your prescription lenses so the Chemistrie clip can easily put on or taken off.

Computer Glasses

Our digital lives are very different than they were a few short years ago. Long periods of time with computers, tablets, phones can really strain the eyes. It doesn't stop there. Any activity that requires even wider fields of vision at intermediate and near distances like piano playing, cooking, sewing and studying can also cause eye fatigue and strain. 


Optix Optometry features the latest designs of near variable focus lenses to help out with all of these activities. No longer will you have to move your head around to see the computer screen clearly. They also offer longer viewing distances for better vision across the room so you can move around while wearing the same pair of glasses. There's no need to peek over your lenses or swap your eyeglasses while working - everything in the middle and near distances will be crystal clear.


A good pair of prescription sunglasses is often overlooked. Squinting in bright sunlight frequently causes headaches around the eyes and scalp. It also leads to crow's feet and can make you look angry!

Our polarized prescription sunglasses can make you look cool and also help you enjoy the outdoors more. If you like today's stylish highly-curved sunglasses, ask about our new Oakley sunglasses and wrap-compensated lenses. Now everyone can have a pair of prescription sunglasses that will help you see just as good as you'll look.

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