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Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery inlcudes any procedure to help you see better without glasses or contact lenses. Most people have heard of LASIK, but there are other cutting edge surgeries as well. The best option depends on your prescription, your goals, and any eye health concerns.

Optix Optometry works with some of the most skilled surgeons in the Indianpolis area for refractive surgeries. Even though your procedure will be performed in Indianapolis, Drs. Steve and Stacey Beck are more than capable of performing your post-operative care.

Custom LASIK and PRK

Most people are now aware of LASIK but maybe not as familiar with PRK. LASIK became popular in the 1990's and allows for a wide treatment range for people with farsightedness, nearsightedness and even high levels of astigmatism. Over the past few years, the procedure has not only become safer with the advent of IntraLASIK but also more consistent as well.

PRK uses the same excimer laser as LASIK but without the customized flap of tissue. It involves a little longer healing time but the end result is the same. PRK is a better option for patients that have high prescriptions but relatively thin corneas. It is also better for patients with specific types of irregularities on the front of your eye.

Dr. Steve Beck spent part of his residency at TLC - Oklahoma City working extensively with pre- and post-op LASIK and PRK patients. Because of their commitment to always having the most experienced surgeons and latest equipment, Optix Optometry continues to send patients to TLC.

PRELEX multifocal implant surgery

When a patient has a cataract - a cloudy lens inside their eye - and develops blurry vision or glare with lights, the cataract must be removed and replaced with a lens implant. These implants have been around for decades and they allow the surgeon to put a lot of the patients pre-operative prescription inside the eye. While a patient may have good distance vision, they still typically needed reading glasses or bifocals to see up close.


PRELEX uses multifocal implants to improve both distance and near vision. It is a great surgical option for who are already wearing bifocals or reading glasses to help them see better both near and far.

Optix Optometry works with Eye Surgeons of Indiana for PRELEX.

Visian ICL

Sometimes life doesn't deal us a good hand. If you have a high prescription and are not a good candidate for LASIK or PRK, you might be a great candidate for Visian ICL surgery. This is an implantable contact lens (ICL) that actually goes inside your eye to correct your vision.


The first ICL's implanted in the United States were performed in the late 1990's. Dr. Steve Beck spent part of his 4th year in Optometry School with a renowned surgeon who's first ICL procedure took a patient from a -21.00 and -19.00 prescription to being able to pass the visual portion of the drivers test without glasses or contact lenses.

Once again, your doctor works with Eye Surgeons of Indiana for this advanced procedure.

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