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Paragon CRT

Paragon CRT allows you to reshape the front of your eye and correct your vision while you sleep!

How does it work?

If you wear contact lenses, your typical day probably starts by waking up to a blurry alarm clock. You fumble around for your glasses on the nightstand or stumble to the bathroom and put your contacts in as fast as you can.

The advent of Paragon CRT will cause you to rethink how to correct your vision. It is a custom contact lens that you actually put in before you go to bed, allowing the shape of the front of your eye to be gently corrected while you sleep. Think of it as being like a retainer that's designed for your vision instead of your teeth.

The idea of Paragon CRT is not new - the thought that a special type of contact lens could change your vision overnight has been around for many years. Paragon CRT is an accelerated version of this older process that used to take several months to achieve good vision. At the same time, it is also a safe option that is fully FDA approved and reversible.

Now, imagine waking up and being able to read that alarm clock that used to be blurry. You easily walk to the bathroom and actually take the special lenses out for a whole days worth of work and play.

Who's a candidate?

Paragon CRT is a great option for the following people:

  • People with mild to moderately levels of myopia (nearsightedness), with fairly low levels of astigmatism.

  • People who are concerned about the irreversibility of laser vision correction.

  • Children - there is no need to worry about problems with their contacts while they're at school.

  • Athletes (especially swimmers) wrestlers and football players.

  • Patients who experience dry eye symptoms with their current contact lenses during the day.

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